Travel diary by Krisztina Király

Sunday, March 1st

The five of us left our hometown, Eger in high spirits, eager to find out what our first Pangea meeting would be like. Even though our trip to Manavgat seemed to last forever, we arrived there still feeling energetic. Metin, our host greeted us and the Finnish team at the airport and a minibus took us to the hotel.

Monday, March 2nd

At last we met every delegate at Matso Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi. The Turkish team showed us around their school: we were amazed by their simulation lab! We were also happy to find a picture of our common ancestor, Attila the Hun on the wall.

Then we were greeted by Mr. Süleyman Celik, the headteacher and received a warm welcome.

After that the work began: after introducing themselves the students gave an account of what they had done in connection with the project.

Tuesday, March 3rd

The work continued: while we, teachers were discussing different issues, the students were asked to work in international groups of 4. They had to continue Aziz Nesin’s Beauty and truth and make a slideshow of it.

In the afternoon we went sightseeing: we saw the big mosque of Manavgat and the waterfall, too. Luckily, we had the chance to see what a real Turkish bazaar is like. 🙂

Later on that day the teachers gathered once more to discuss the tasks to come.


Wednesday, March 3rd

The students read out their group’s story ending and presented their slideshows or videos. They did a great job, we were amused by their talent and creativity.

In the afternoon we were taken to the local arts centre to see a paper marbling group in action. Some of us were bold enough to try paper marbling. It was great fun!

We got back on the minibus again and off we went to Side, where we wandered about the ruins of the ancient city. I took millions of pictures!

In the evening we had an impressive farewell dinner with our hosts, and the subsequent certificate ceremony added another beautiful element to our first meeting.


Thursday, March 4th

We spent the day with travelling, filled with joy. Thank you Metin and Matso.


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