An Oriental Dream by Judit Mali

1st March

Sunday morning came as usual. But it was pretty extraordinary because we had to take our suitcases and headed for the airport. We took the Istanbul flight. Then we changed for the Antalya plane. What caught my eyes were the snow covered mountain ranges and the sunshine dancing on rivers. We waited for the Finnish partners and after an hour’s drive arrived at the Manavgat accommodation. We were very tired but excited about the next day.


2nd March

On the first working day we were kindly welcomed by our host school. Both the teachers and the students were really helpful and friendly. In the morning we met the head of the regional education. We took a small tour in the school. What I liked the best was the simulation room where students can practice how to navigate in all weather conditions. We were also shown how to build ships. After lunch the students delivered their presentations about their own countries, cities and schools.


3rd March

In the morning we were working on the project. The students prepared many interesting puppets, figures, drawings and videos. We also saw smart quizes and questionnaires made by ICT tools. In the afternoon we had a little time to walk around the city and enjoy the local sights. We had a glimpse of the magnificent Manavgat dam and also had a look at the mosque.

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4th March

The final morning was spent on the presentations of the international teams. They had the opportunity to show what they created together during their stay. In the afternoon we enjoyed ourselves at a paper marbling workshop. The local women showed us how to make colourful pictures with a very special archaic technique. It was lovely to learn something new while listening to Turkish music and sipping Turkish tea. After the workshop we went to Side which is a stunning place with ancient ruins, small shops and narrow streets running towards the sea. In the evening we had dinner together with all the students and we had a little farewell party.

5th March    

We had to get up very early because our plane started at 8.00. We had a pleasant journey home and we got back to Eger around 2.00 pm.

It was good to get home but we were a little sad at the same time to leave so many fantastic people behind. We really had the time of our lives and I am sure we will never forget Manavgat. And hopefully one day we will have the opportunity to go back. Thank you, Metin!

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