Memories from Turkey (01.03.2015 – 05.03.2015)

After returning from Turkey were very sad.
We liked it very much.
We are now just memories and contacts that will hopefully keep as long as possible.
Everything was perfect.
We had free time and we had to perform several tasks in groups that were interesting.
We worked well and we hope that something like that again we are in life.10622337_932335056800202_157967021_n
11040061_932338103466564_1145983404_n 11040358_932335490133492_1473871308_n 11040749_932334720133569_1242814798_n 11051031_932341076799600_2077826501_n 11051261_932336640133377_279365323_n 11062979_932336946800013_347778784_n 11062988_932335203466854_941339163_n 11064134_932335340133507_1025387114_o


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