My blog on the Pori seminars

I am a student from Hungary who had the chance to visit the second project meeting in Pori. The encounter was perfect.  There are some things below which proves that!:)

Day-by-days every country showed their presentations associate with the novel and their hometown which were so interesting and well- organized.


Moreover, we saw tons of fascinating places such as: the lake with the sauna , landscapes of Pori,  the beautiful church in Rauma, the breathtaking sea etc. Among these venues I like the most the smoke sauna , because it was enormous and after that we ran into the nearby lake, of course if we want. Suffice to say it was an unforgettable experience ever. We also visited the sea and took same photos:


The food was delicious , I have never thought  how tasty the finish cousin is. Not to mention the finish girls present who prepared us lovely donuts with tea.


During the last supper everybody was gifted with a lovely Moomins’ mug and the certificate of attendance.


To sum up, I have never forgotten these 3 days which gave me wonderful memories from Finland. We not only broadened our mind and practiced English but also got to know plenty of warm-hearted fellows and teachers.

Réka Kalmár from Andrássy Catholic Business Academy, Hungary


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