Seminar in Finland, Spring 2015

The second meeting of Pangea Project was held in Finland in Pori. The dates of meeting were from 27th of April to 30th of April 2015. Meeting place was in Service sector of WinNova in. In our meeting we had participants from coordinator country Hungary and from every partner countries; Poland, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom. Two teachers and two students from every country was participating the meeting.

Students were living in host families, so they had very good opportunity to learn as much as possible about Finnish culture and normal way of life. Also families had good opportunity to learn about guests´ culture. Families and students got new friends for the rest of their life.


Warming-up – eager discussion about important person, place and date

During the first day every partner gave Prezi presentation about own country, city and school.  During the first day we had also guided tour in Pori, we had opportunity to learn main attractives of Pori.


Walking in Pori, behind the group is old city hall

During the second meeting day we heard presentations about Finnish story: The Moomins and the Great Flood by Tove Jansson. We heard and saw many interesting ways, which students and teachers has made in different countries; booklets, mobiles, series, videos, hand puppets and moomin house. We heard also two presentations of the writer Tove Janssson.

So good presentations about Moomin story:


After working hard in classroom we had culture programme. We visited old Rauma, which is on Unesco’s world heritage list. The weather in Rauma was very windy and cold, but after that it was very nice to go to smoke sauna to Kullaa. The smoke sauna is near the lake Joutsijärvi. In sauna we had meetings in Finnish way. The water in the lake Joutsijärvi was quite cold, but after that the warm of sauna was the best.


Group picture after sauna in Kullaa


Spanish team and Lake Joutsijärvi

Durin the 3rd and 4th meeting day students planned logo for Pangea project in international groups and then they presented them to other participants.

Spanish – Polish team is presenting their result


Teachers planned in their group plan for lesson of Moomin story. Turkish partner has made competition about Moomin story and the writer Tove Jansson.

One important thing was to plan next seminar in September 2015 in Poland and things to do before that. During the meeting we were also discussing about reporting the project to our National Agencies.

Farewell dinner with the Manager of the service sector of WinNova was wery nice end to our seminar.


Satisfied teachers after working hard – see you in the next seminar in Poland!

24.06.2015 Leena Seppänen


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