Have a look at this short film!

Students from IES Gabriel Miro have found this short film related to the topic and the Futurological Congress story.

‘World Builder is a short film which explores simulation and artifice in the future.

How do you interpret the ending of this short film? What do you think about human emotion being manipulated by digital stimulation?

World Builder

10 thoughts on “Have a look at this short film!

  1. The end of the film is shocking, very nice but also veri sad. Man creates a world to try to cure the women.
    It is a love story .
    Manipulates the emotions of those who see movie. It begins with a beautiful creation to finish a very sad way.


  2. This story is very futuristic. The feelings created by a machine are false. The man lives in a illusion because his wife are sick. the end of this story is very sad so I prefer real situasion and real feelings.


  3. Hi! I´m Merche.
    The end of this Short film, in my view, is that the guy did it all for the last time to see the girl alive again.

    I think the human emotion, being manipulated by the digital, there is no previous human emotion.


  4. Hi! My name is Nereida. This story is really interesting, but, from my point of view, feelings and emotions shouldn’t be manipulated because they’re a part of what make us humans.


  5. My name is Maria Jose. From my point of view, feelings should be handled as it is something we need.
    For it, and understood in the video that the guy does all again to see beyond girl alive again if only for a moment.


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