27 September 2015

Our journey to Poland started early on Sunday morning. We went to Helsinki, capital city of Finland where our flight left after 8 pm. We arrived to Krakow after 9 pm at local time. We took a taxi and went to our hotel, after that we had some time to discover Krakow at night time and it was really really beautiful.


28 September 2015

Because we arrived Krakow already on Sunday, we got a cultural day on Monday.

We already had an idea on Sunday, that it would be great experience to see Auschwitz on Monday, because it’s not so far away from Krakow. So in the morning we woke up early to get some breakfast and after breakfast we were ready to head to Auschwitz.



“Work sets you free.”


We visited both concentration camps, Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Later at the evening we had nice dinner in the old town of Krakow.


29 September 2015

On Tuesday morning we had early check-out from our hotel and then our real journey started. We met Polish teacher and student and Spanish group next to their hotel. After that we head together to the railway station. The plan for the day were visiting in Wieliczka salt mine and there we met the rest of the Pangea group.


After the 3 hours minor tour in Wieliczka we had some lunch and then we were ready to head a new place. We visited in a beautiful Stanislaw Lem Science Garden in Krakow, it was really interesting place to visit. After our garden tour, we were ready to leave to our final destination Przemyśl.


30 September 2015

The first morning in Przemyśl our plan were to visit to town hall and after that we visited the Museum of Bells and Pipes and Fortess Exhibition at Przemysl Grodnu Museum. We also head later at the day to Fortress buildings at Siedliska + we had an great opportunity to visit it in Ukraine Medyka-Shehyni border with Jacek, Spanish and Turkish team.

And in the evening when we got back to Hotel Accademia from our little trip to Ukraine border were time to British, Spanish and our Finnish students to have their presentations on the texts worked for this meeting: “The Invincible” and “Futurological Congress” from the Polish author Stanislaw Lem.


1 October 2015

On Thursday we visited the school of the Polish Pangea team, Gimnasium Nr 5. We had a really warm welcome from students and teachers. Polish students also had a presentation about history of Poland. After for some time we went for a tour around the school, visiting the gymnasium (where students had really fun time playing volleyball with Gimnasium Nr 5. students), some classrooms, the computer room where we played a Quiz about S. Lem´s texts.

After the visit at Gimnasium Nr 5. we came back to the conference room in Hotel Accademia for the presentations of Hungarian and Turkish.

Later in the evening we had Farewell Dinner in a beautiful castle named Dubiecko. Finnish team really enjoyed the dinner and we were happy to get our certifications and generous presents from Polish team. Thank you.


2 October 2015

On the last day morning it was time to say goodbye for our girls lovely host family Izabella, Renata and Boguslaw. We were really grateful for them to have us and taking so good care of us. So thank you so much! ❤

Also later of the day we didn’t have much program left anymore so it was good time to shop some last souvenirs and also visit in Fiore Café.


After saying goodbyes for other Pangea teams, it was our time to leave back to home.


Finnish team are so grateful for Polish team about the great meeting, we really enjoyed it.

Thank you!

– Oona


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