Snapshots of meeting 3

Day 1

Monday, 28th September 2015

After a long journey our delegation arrived in Przmysl, Poland by minibus. The host families greeeted our students and we had the opportunity to meet and have a short discussion with the Turkish group.


Day 2

Tuesday, 29th September

We set off early for Krakow to meet the rest of our parters. I was really glad to see the international Pangea team uniting once more 🙂

First, we went to the salt mine in Wieliczka. It was fantastic to explore the underground tunnels, we even had the chance to cross-cut a trunk, mine salt crystals and wander about a beautiful underground chapel.


Then we went to an open-air exhibition dedicated to Lem, where we could try and experience the various wonders of science and had a chat about Lem’s works.

Day 3

Wednesday, 30th September

After paying a visit to the mayor of Przemysl, we discovered the past of the city in the local museums.


Later on, we listened to the presentations of the English, Finnish and Spanish students about Lem’s world. They were very interesting and informative indeed 🙂


Day 4

Thursday, 1st October

In the morning we went to Gimnazjum nr 5, where, while the students were working in teams on different tasks, the teachers were asked to do a quiz on Lem’s works. Jacek showed us around the school and then we were taken to Halina, the principal’s office for a short discussion and a cup of tea with some nice cake.


The afternoon was exciting for us, as it was time for our presentions! First, the Turkish students showed a Prezi about the history of the Turkish science fiction, then it was our turn. The students of Andrássy did a great job, as usual, I was proud of being their teacher 🙂


After the presentations we were taken to the location of the farewell dinner. It was a wonderful castle from the middle ages. The Polish students greeted us with a performance on Lem’s work and a Prezi on Lem’s life.

The farewell dinner was a blast: we not only had a delicious meal but were also given a certifiacte and a large number of gifts including a pipe 🙂

Day 5

It was sad to wake up for the last day of the third Pangea project meeting 😦

We discussed what to do for the next meeting and headed back home.

All in all, we had a fruitful meeting again. Thank you, Halina, Grazina, Jacek and Gimnazjum nr 5!



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