Once more time Pangea international meetings are very successful. Spanish team is very grateful to the Polish team for the great meeting they have organised. Congratulations to Jacek, Grazyna and Halina.

Our trip started in the lovely city of Krakow where we had the opportunity for a nice night walk around the old city center.


On Tuesday morning 29 september 2015 we visited Wielicka salt mine and we met there with the whole Pangea group.

_DSC0070 It was an interesting visit being dressed as real miners, walking around the tunnels and knowing all the tasks a miner had to do to obtain the salt.

_DSC0099 P1070510


And at the end of the visit we were certificated as professional miners of the Miners’ Route in the Wielicka Salt Mine.


After this interesting visit to Wielicka Salt Mine we visited Stanislaw Lem Science Garden in Krakow, it is an educational theme park where there are 60 interactive spots situated among trees presenting wonders of physics in an interesting and entertaing way. It is a Garden of experiencies.


The following day, all members of Pangea project participating is this meeting were received by the mayor of Prszemysl in the nice building of the Town Hall. We want to thank the hospitality we received. We interchanged presents from our cities Orihuela and Prszemysl.





After the great welcome in the town hall we visited  the Museum of Bells and Pipes and Fortess Exhibition at Przemysl Grodnu Museum.


Later this day we also visited Fortress buildings at Siedliska.


And in the evening, British, Finish and our Spanish students did their presentations on the texts worked for this meeting: “The Invincible” and “Futurological Congress” from the Polish author Stanislaw Lem.


Spanish teachers are very proud of the good job of students from IES Gabriel Miró (Orihuela) are doing in this project and we congratulate to Trino and Cristina for their good presentation.


Next day, Thursday 1st October 2015 we visited the school of the Polish Pangea team, Gimnasium Nr 5. We had a very good welcome in this school. Polish students did a presentation about history of Poland.

P1070641  Later we went for a tour around the school, visiting the gimnasium, some classrooms, the computer room (where we played a Quiz about S. Lem´s texts), the principal´s room,…




After the visit at Gimnasium Nr 5 we came back to the conference room in Hotel Accademia for the presentatios of Hungarian and Turkish.


On the evening that day we enjoy a wonderful Farewell dinner at Dubiecko castle. We were very well dressed for this special occasion.


 Polish team did its presentation during this evening.


_DSC0215 (2)P1070728

We enjoyed a lovely dinner in this castle.


P1070745Polish team were very generous with its presents for all of us. Thank you so much. One of their presents was a lovely pipe as a souvenir of Przemysl.


And It arrived the time for the certificates.

P1070765 P1070758 P1070760 P1070761 P1070763

And the evening finished with a surprise for the Spanish team. Polish students did a presentation about how they saw Spain. It was a very complete presentation of Spain. We want to thank to Eva, the Polish teacher teaching Spanish language for this presentation.

P1070771 _DSC0281

On the last day, we enjoyed the visit to Fiore café in the center of Przemysl.


Thanks again to the Polish team for this wonderful meeting.

We hope for all of you in next Pangea meeting in Orihuela (SPAIN) from the 14th to the 18th of March 2016.


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