Andrássy students have translated Hernández’s Elegy

A group of 9th formers decided to translate the elegy – check out the pictures below.



In Monday in the 28th of September started an exchange with students from six countries. British and Spanish students with their teachers arrived to the Cracow in this day. Finnish people were there a day before us.  In the next day we were going to salt mine Wieliczka. Turks and Hungarians went with Polish students from Przemyśl and joined to us in Wieliczka. The visiting in salt mine was amazing experience because we could see under the ground and learn a history of this place. On the walls in underground corridors we saw crystallized salt. Our guide told us many interesting facts. At the end of the expedition we got certificates of staying in a salt mine. Later we went to StanisławLem’s park in the Cracow. In this place we undersood the laws of physics. The park include four sections: devices that demonstrate the phenomenon of physics, geological exhibition,  sensory exhibition and acoustic exposure. In the same day we went to Przemyśl. The travel from the Cracow was tiresome but funny.

_DSC0099 _DSC0270

In the next day at 9 o’clock we met together in Accademia hotel.  Then we went for a walk along Przemyśl’ streets. The next point in the plan was meeting with secretary of Przemyśl’ president, Dariusz Łapa. He showed us presentation about our town and its history. On the way to Museum of Bells and Pipes we made a lot of photos with our foreign visitors. In the clock tower guide was waiting for us in order to showed to everybody history about Przemyśl’ pipes and presented most valuable collections of museum. The best part of the museum for our visitors was the view from terrace on top of the tower. Later we went to Museum the ground of Przemyśl.  There we learned accurate history of Przemyśl. Then we went to hotel to ate lunch. After meal  our visitors went to Ukrainian-Polish border. In the evening all groups met in hotel’ conference room. The presentations about StanisławLem’ story showed students from Spain, Finland and Great Britain. After the exciting day we returned to our accommodation to relax and get ready for another great day.

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The Thursday morning we began from meeting in our school ‘’Kantówka’’. Initially Polish students presented history about our country, Poland. Later we were working in groups. We had to make a quiz which was include eight questions about Przemyśl. After making the quiz, our visitors visited school and solved an Internet quiz about StanisławLem and his story. At the 1 p.m. we returned to the hotel where we ate lunch and met in conference room where Turkish and Hungarian students showed their presentations. After free time at 4 p.m. we went to the Palace in the Dubiecko where took place solemn dinner. There we showed our film under the title ‘’Dehalucines’’ and magazine from 2039. At the end of the dinner party everybody got the certificates and some souvenirs from Przemyśl. At the end girls showed a presentation about culture and traditions from Spain. At 9 p.m. we returned to Przemyśl.

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In Friday at 8.30 a.m. we met together in front of hotel for last time. After 30 minutes it was time to say goodbye to two groups, from Turkey and Hungary. We made a lot of photos. Then we decided that showed our town for last time. We went to the square market and to the best café in the Przemyśl. Later we returned to the hotel and ate last meal together. After lunch we spent time with our new friends. We said goodbye them with tears with our eyes.

DSC05498 DSC05276

The next exchange ended. I thought that we have never  forgot  it. We didn’t only showed our presentations about Polish writer and his story. We made  friendships and met new fantastic people. We learned about foreign cultures, traditions, we talked about Poland and improved our English language. Everybody learned curiosities about StanisławLem. This exchange was a fantastic experience and we are waiting for meetings in another countries. We are ready for new challenges.

Dissemination at Andrássy Business Academy: poster exhibition and a newspaper article

Right after our third project meeting, the students taking part in the Pangea project were asked to make posters about their experiences so far.

Their work is now exhibited on the gound floor of our school, greeting every student in the morning.

WP_20151102_07_44_54_Pro WP_20151102_07_43_52_Pro WP_20151102_07_44_00_Pro WP_20151102_07_44_10_Pro WP_20151102_07_44_16_Pro WP_20151102_07_44_33_Pro WP_20151102_07_43_33_Pro

A newspaper article about our trip to Poland also appeared in the local paper, the Heves Megyei Hírlap on October 26th, 2015.