From Bournemouth to Przemyśl by Lauren Parrish, year 10 student of Avonbourne College

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Day 1-

Monday 28th September

We made the journey from Stansted airport to Kraków airport, and were greeted by a Polish student and a Polish teacher from Przemyśl when we arrived. We then went in a taxi to our hotel in Kraków, Hotel Campanile, and checked in to unpack and relax. After this, we went exploring in Kraków old town and saw all the Polish market stalls, along with some shops we don’t have in England. We went to a traditional Polish restaurant and ate some interesting food from the Polish culture, which we enjoyed. We stayed in Kraków until around 7pm, so got to see the town lit up beautifully. After checking back into our hotel again, we met downstairs to order some food and to make final adjustments to our presentation that we were doing on Wednesday.



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Day 2-

Tuesday 29th September

Today we went to have breakfast at our hotel, and tried many new things for breakfast which were traditional in Poland. We decided we wanted to see more of Kraków, so at around 10am, we went out again and visited Wawel Castle. This was a beautiful castle and we took lots of stereotypical tourist photos. We got tickets to see the state rooms, and really enjoyed looking around them. Of course we bought some postcards and sent some to our family.

After walking back to our hotel, we packed up our suitcase as today we were moving hotels to one in Przemyśl, but before that we went to the LEM Science Park. We learnt a lot here and it meant we had a larger scientific knowledge on the literary topic of the trip, ‘science fiction’. Here, we met all the other students and teachers from the different countries, which was a great experience. After this, we got in a coach to go to Przemyśl, and to our hotel, Hotel Accademia. After again unpacking everything we headed down to dinner, and met up with all the other students.

Day 3-

Wednesday 31st-

First had breakfast at our hotel, and got ready for the busy day ahead. After we were all ready we set off and walked to the centre of Przemyśl, where we visited the Bells and Pipes museum and the Przemyśl fortress, where we learnt all about the history of Przemyśl, and how its significance in 20th century history.

After sightseeing around Przemyśl, we went back to the hotel, had lunch and then all the students had free time to talk and find out more about each other and their cultures. In the evening, we had dinner, and then 3 of the 5 countries presented their science fiction presentations. After watching and listening to these, I learnt a lot about science fiction and the different cultures involved.


Day 4-

Thursday 1st October

Today we had breakfast in the hotel, and shortly after that, we headed off to Gimnazjum Nr 5 School in Przemyśl, where the students and teachers were separated to do different activities and to look around the school. These activities included making a quiz on what we had already learnt in Przemyśl, and also another quiz related to Stanisław Lem’s novels. After this, everyone was reunited and we walked back to the hotel.

After eating a large lunch, we had the 2 remaining presentations to watch, Turkish and Hungarian. Again, we all learnt a lot because of these presentations, which was good as that was the main aim. After this, the students had free time.

In the evening, we all got on a coach to visit the Dubiecko Krasicki manor, where we had a tour of the amazingly decorated manor. After the tour, we watched the Polish students re-enact a science fiction book, which was done amazingly well! After watching that, we had dinner in the manor, which was a great last meal together for all of us. As well as having a meal, we also all were given certificates of achievement and locally made gifts from the Polish Head Teacher. We were extremely grateful for this and will thoroughly enjoy all our gifts.


Day 5 –

Friday 2nd October

Today was our last day, so we decided to go to Przemyśl again to buy more gifts for people back home. Sadly, before this, we had to say goodbye to a few of the students and teachers who had to go to their airport earlier. Despite this, we still had a great time in Przemyśl and took lots of photos to show everyone. We then departed from the bigger group of people to do some more shopping for food as we would be at the airport for a while. After buying our final essentials for the journey, we headed back to the hotel to have lunch and do the final parts of our packing.

Then we had to do the most upsetting part, saying goodbye to everyone who had made the trip so fantastic! This was an extremely emotional moment as we had really bonded with everyone over the week.


Dissemination of Pangea meeting in Poland in the web page of the Valencia Regional Educational Government

In this link you can access to the article about the third Pangea meeting held in Poland in October 2015 published in the web page of the Valencia Regional Educational Government in the two official languages of our region, Spanish and Valencian.