Project meeting in Orihuela – a dream coming true

Day 1

After a long-long trip, we finally arrived in Spain at 8 p.m. Our hired car was waiting for us at Valencia airport so we made our way to Orihuela which was still a 2,5 hours’ drive away. Even though it was really late, the host families and the Spanish team greeted us happily on our arrival.

We all felt thrilled and excited and were ready to get started on the project work.


Day 2

In the morning we were taken to our host school, IES Gabriel Miro, where the headteacher Mr Miguel García Ferrer, and the whole Spanish Pangea team welcomed us. We had a pleasant discussion with Mr Vicente Hernández, Miguel Hernández’s nephew. Then, the Spanish students presented what they had been doing about Hernández’s Elegy.

Later on we took a tour around the school building and watched a jazzy musical performance in one of the classrooms.

In the afternoon we visited numerous sights of interest, including Miguel Hernandez’s house, where a young actor recited the ”Elegy” . My favourite sight was Santo Domingo, a cathedral built in the 16th century.


Day 3

First, we went to the city hall and were greeted by the mayor and the councillor of education in. It was an honour to receive the silver plated coat of arms of the city from the mayor, which each project coordinator got as a gift.


After that, we headed to the city library to listen to each other’s presentations. We came first. We played an Aminoto video which gives a detailed account of the work the Hungarian team had done, then it was Bianka and Rajmond’s turn to list the poets and writers linked to Eger. Kitti was talking about the cultural aspects of death in her presentation.

After all these, the Finnish, Polish and finally the English teams showed us what they had prepared for the meeting.

In the afternoon we went back to the school, where we, teachers were busy discussing the lesson plan for the “Elegy” and the details of the next meeting.  During this time the students were given fun tasks to accomplish.

Day 4

We took a bus to a campus to visit an interactive museum.

After that, we went to the seaside and had lunch in a fancy restaurant by the sea. It was breathtakingly beautiful!

After lunch we had a little time to wander around the beach, too.

In the evening we were invited to the Casino to a magnificent celebration. We were happy to taste some of the most delicious Spanish dishes and enjoyed the musical and dance performances.


Then it was time for the certificate ceremony: all of us received a certificate and a gift pack. Unfortunately, as nothing lasts forever, this evening ended, too. We said goodbye to everyone with tears in our eyes.

Day 5

We took the car again to Valencia airport and successfully arrived in Budapest, where our driver was waiting for us and drove us back to our hometown, Eger.WP_20160314_17_15_08_Pro

Although it was late and we were worn out, there was a smile on our face, because we had such a lovely time in Orihuela. Thank you Victoria and IES Gabriel Miro!



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