A wonderful week in Spain – by Bianka Zsiga, Hungary


Kitti, Rajmi and I were really excited when we got to know that we had been chosen to travel to Spain for 5 days. Previously, we made a video and presentations so we were prepared enough to start our journey on 14th March.

With our teachers, we had a flight from Budapest to Zürich and after another flight, we arrived to Valencia. Then we borrowed cars there and got to Orihuela around 11 p.m. Our host families were really nice, all of them wanted to see us despite the late hours.

On the first day, we visited IES Gabriel Miro School and watch the presentation of the Spanish students and the relative of Miguel Hernandez. We meet the students in the classrooms as well. After a delicious lunch, we had a tour in the city and I really enjoyed it because we both educated ourselves and also had time to talk to each other. I was quite ill on this day but the city was so beautiful that I just forgot my illness.

On Wednesday, we meet the mayor of the city and that was a really important day because we had to show our presentations so I was pretty nervous. It was interesting that everybody thought about the poem differently. After the lunch in a luxurious hotel, we went back to the school and made pictures from fruits. Then older students taught us how to make a giant bubble maker and how to dance that fascinating Spanish dance.

On Thursday, we had the chance to visit a university where we made dodecahedrons from sticks and watch enjoyable scientific experiments. We wanted to spend there more time but when we realised that we were going to the beach, we were able to leave. The restaurant where we had eaten was amazing, it has a perfect sight to the sea. After that, we enjoyed the sunshine on the beach and made many pictures not to forget this day. In the end, we participated on the last supper in the casino and I couldn’t believe that the week was over. Time was so fast!

I’m really really grateful for my school for the opportunity and for the Spanish people for the kindness and many gifts. I think that my English has improved a lot and I found good friends.

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