Pangea meeting – by Kitti Kobzi, Hungary

Pangea Project 2016 Spain

In March I’ve had the absloute pleasure to participate  in,and to be a part of, one of  the Pangea Project meeting in Spain,Orihuela.My classmate Rajmond,  Bianka from another class, and I were really lucky to be chosen for this. I was really happy when my teacher told me that I can go to Spain because this project has many many opportunities. Probably the best thing in this is that I could meet with so many amazing people,thankfully to this project. They were so kind and friendly. My host sister Eliana and her  family were super sweet with me and they treated me like I am part of the family. The Spanish people in general were very friendly too.

We visited lots of beautiful buildings,churches,places, did activities in the school,gave presentations and we also went to a beach. The beach was beautiful and the weather was great as well.

We got to know a lot about the life of a poet called Miguel Hernandez,because the topic of the meeting was him. At the evening time, the host teens took us to the city and we had so much fun with them. The fact that we spent so much time with them,we’ve got to know eachother better. Speacially I got really close with one Italian girl, Elena and with a Spanish girl Christina. We became such good friends we are organizing trips to visit eachother in the summer. I am really thankful for this as well to this project.

We did not just visit churches and things like these,but we ate traditional and typical spanish food in really nice restaurants. I loved all those shrimps and crabs and fish. It was very different to the Hungarian cuisine but I liked it.

My language skills improved as well. Talking to foregin people from different countries was a huge opportunity to extend my language skills. Also I could learn a little bit of Spainsh.

All in all I am very thankful that I could participate in this and that I met all these people and tried out many many things. Thank you Pangea.


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