Report – by Rajmond Schiwert, Hungary

I had been waiting for the trip to Orihuela since I got to know the results. And then, those days arrived. Before we traveled to Budapest (where our flight took off), we took a picture together in front of our school. Then, I said good-bye to my Mum and got on the school bus. During the travel to Budapest, Kitti, Bianka and I talked about a lot of topics or we just enjoyed the view. We got to the airport, checked in and after that we had more than an hour before the flight took off. After the long trip, we got to Orihuela at the hotel where our teachers stayed, at about 11 o’clock. There our host families were waiting for us. There was the first time when I met with José (my host) and José and I made friends with each other, immediately. I got José’s house (later I called it home). I was so exhausted so went to bed.
In the second day, we went to IES Gabriel Miró (the school where José and the other Spanish hosts learn) and I made friends with Trino (a Spanish host) with Kamil (Trino’s guest) with Marta (another Spanish host). We watched the presentation of the Spanish hosts about Miguel Hernandez. After that, we went to a restaurant (the ones which is located in front of the school) where we ate traditional foods. We went back to the school. After that, we went sightseeing. After 7 o’clock, we had free time so all the students went to park and we talked with each other. We got home, ate dinner and went to bed.


In the third day, we started our trip in the mayor’s hall. We took a lot of pictures.

After that, we went to a famous library. In there, it was our turn to show our presentation. And then, we visited all the places where Miguel Hernandez worked and his house, too. Then we visited a lot of temples and museums. After 7 o’clock our programmes finished and we (so the students) had fun together. After José and I got home, we started watching a war film. After the film we went to bed.


In the fourth day, we went to the beach where we ate specialties of Spain and had fun on the beach. After that we went home to changed to clothes to the big meeting party. After the party, some of the students had fun together. We went home. I packed in the suitcase and went to bed.


Unfortunately, the day when we had to say good-bye to our hosts and friends, arrived. We went back to Valencia. We checked in and after that we had a lot of time. We got 10 Euro to eat something. After the long trip, we came home and we told everything to our parents.



It was a good experience for me because my English improved, I made a lot of friends and I Got to know other cultures. I would like to went back to Orihuela.

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