Travel diary – Bournemouth

Day 1, 17th October

We arrived safe and sound in London with a few hours left to spend there. So within just 3 hours we made it to Westminster Abbey, Parliament square, 10 Downing street, Trafalgar square, the National Gallery and Piccadilly Circus. We caught the evening bus to Bournemouth, the spot for our 5 th project meeting. Needless to say how tired we got by the end of the day, but it was very much worth the effort!

Day 2, 18th October

In the moring we walked to school and had breakfast there. Then we met the English team and were shown around Avonbourne Academy. It’s a huge building with lots of corridors and social areas.

Later on we had a literature lesson and quiz about Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and we also learnt to write a gothic story based on the guidelines provided by out hosts.

In the afternoon we discovered the Victorian sites of Bournemouth with the help of a Bournemouth quiz map – it was fun!

Day 3, 19th October

This was the day all of us had been waiting for – each country gave an account of what they had been doing about the 5th literary work. We were amazed by the creativity of the partners! As a reward, we had lunch at Harry Ramsden’s, the most famous fish and chips bar in Bournemouth, located right on the beach!

After luch we paid a visit to the Russel-Cotes Art Gallery. We were impressed by the beauty of the building, let alone the objects exhibited there.

We went back to school to discuss the lesson plan on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and to make some decisions about the final Pangea meeting.

In the evening we had the opportunity to see a play at school performed by the gifted students of Harewood College. ‘The men in the mud’ was a great success indeed, we enjoyed watching it.



Day 4, 20 th October

Team-building day! We went to Salisbury by minibuses. From now on, Salisbury is one of my favourite cities. Its cathedral is such an impressive site that we could have wandered there for hours. However, we had limited time because we continued our trip to Stonehenge, a site I have always wanted to see. It was even more mysterious than I had thought it would be.

Our farewell dinner was held in a Victorian restaurant, which matched perfectly well to the gothic theme of this meeting. We even got some Halloween crackers and masks to wear 🙂

At the end of the dinner Amanda, Sue and Howard surprised us with nice gifts and a certificate of attendace. It was a perfect ending of a perfect day!

Day 5, 21st October

We said goodbye to each other, which was as painful as always. We quickly summarised the 5th Pangea project meeting: advanced level creativity, excellent company, innovative ideas, new friendships and a good theme to continue. Thank you Amanda, Sue and Howard!



Orihuela Pangea Project Erasmus+

I cannot begin to describe how fortunate I feel to have been a part of this amazing journey. I feel so grateful for the opportunities I had to further my knowledge and understanding of topics that I planned on using as part of my A2 Spanish exam. I was able to immerse myself in the Spanish culture and make lifelong friends who towards the end of the trip were extremely difficult to part with. Over the course of the journey we had created a special bond, a bond that I believe will always unite us no matter where we all are in the world. I want to thank the Pangea project and staff for making this experience unforgettable for myself and all the other students involved; it is definitely a memory that I will cherish forever. We are all extremely fortunate to speak more than one language and I cannot emphasise enough how important this was for us all to be able to communicate with people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds; something this project enabled us to do. I believe the best education anyone can receive is experience and thanks to the Pangea project we gained lots of it. Being part of a team has taught me skills that I can use in more than just the professional area of my life. My relationships on a personal level improved and I am no longer afraid to open up to people and create new long lasting relationships in such a short amount of time. We were all sad about how quickly our time together came to an end but I’m optimistic for the future as I know that one day we’ll all cross paths again.

Sophia Ben-Maatoug