Local legend “La Armengola”

Vocational students from 1st year in Promotion of Gender Equality have worked the text of the local legend “La Armengola” in the English language class.


The White Stag role-play: When learning is the side-effect of a fun activity.

Please, have a look at this video and you will see that Child Care and Education students from IES Gabriel Miró are having fun like real young children.

Role Play: The White Stag

Why have they done this video with The White Stag story?

They wanted to put into practice how children learn: From a very young age children learn every minute of every day. They start making sense of the world around them through different experiences and play and role-play are a big part of the learning process.

Children learn best when they are having fun and are actively engaged as they observe more. Lots of research underlines the importance of play, especially in the early years where young children and toddlers learn through problem solving, creating and interacting. Problem solving can include how to play a story they have just learnt: The White Stag, a Hungarian legend.

When they are busy having fun, learning becomes natural and easy. Studies have shown that children learn best when the learning comes from a side-effect of a fun activity (such as this one). In addition, this learning is more likely to stick and stay with the child as they grow up. Play-based learning has become very popular especially in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), where learning is often disguised as play. It is like magic, they think  they didn’t learn anything today as they were too busy having fun!

Fun play can be created in many ways:
Playing alone or with friends: when children play freely in a safe environment they are able to take risks without a fear of failure and this is just GREAT!

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The White Stag Role Play