HUNGARY, Pangea ERASMUS + 2.4.2017- 7.3.2017 I was able to participate in the second time, the Pangea project in Hungary. Hungary, the trip was really wonderful! I would not trade it for anything. We arrived on Sunday evening in Budapest airport, from the driver picked us up. We drove from Budapest to Eger, the journey took about. two hours. Hungary was absolutely lovely warm, and the birds were singing. We were the first night on the student hostel. Our room was lovely, spacious and high. The next day, we were able to host family. Our host family was absolutely awesome! Bobe was the only one in their family who spoke English. The family consisted of a mother, father and Böbe`s twin brother . The family was really friendly and welcoming. We got our own room, Böben brother’s room where we stayed the whole week. On the family we ate breakfast and dinner every day. For us, every day was set with morning coffee. We went to the school every day by bus. The family lived hour drive away from the center of Eger.  We played Laser war, we presented our presetations, we visited the Hungarian Parliament  and we went to Budapest. The trip was wonderful and I learned about. 15 Hungarian words. Hungary is a country of wines. The trip was absolutely lovely and full of



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