We had a great time in Pori. Although it was  the first time we came here we felt like we are in our hometown and have been here before many times because of Leena and her students’ hospitality.

In the first day we went to  Winnova and met with the Pangea team. It was a very nice experience to meet with different people from different cultures. We knew each other , learntaboutFinland ( Pori), made our presentations at school. In the afternoon all partners had a great tour aroundPori. As we learnt more aboutPori and Finnish culture we loved the city more.


The next day again we met at school and did our tasks. After that we went to Rauma to see the historicbuildings of the town. We had the chance to seemore about the history of Finland. After the tour around the city we were able to see what Finnish Sauna is. It was such an experience that we willneverforget it during our lives. We had the best time of our visit at that day.


In the other days we  spent most of our times at school by doing our project tasks. We had a tour around the school. We had our lunches at the school’s restaurant which was a great place to eat. We all enjoyed very much what we eat in Pori. Also we met with our citizens at a kebap house. It was very surprising for us because we would not think to see them in Pori.


Consequently, I and my students will never forget the moments we had in Pori thanks to Leena.


New header images for the website

During the second project meeting in Pori, Finland, students were asked to design new header images in pairs.

Here they are:

cropped-adrian-and-belc3a9n.png by Belén (Spain) and Adrian (Poland)

cropped-emma-and-mehmet.jpg by Emma (UK) and Mehmet (Turkey)

cropped-izabella-and-david.png by Izabella (Poland) and David (Spain)

cropped-rc3a9ka-and-mustafa.jpg by Réka (Hungary) and Mustafa (Turkey)

Noémi and CharlieNoémi and Chalie

by Charlie (UK) and Noémi (Hungary)