Report from exchange to UK by polish students

From 14 to 22 October 2016 our school took part in the Pangea project and the student exchange to Bournemouth, Great Britain. We were happy to be the participants. The headmaster, Halina Wiśniewska and our teachers Grażyna Klatka i Jacek Macina were our Pangea teachers team who took a perfect care of us. We spent the first two days sightseeing the outstanding, historical London. We saw a lot of magnificent places such as: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the London Eye and many other monuments.

Next we went to Bournemouth where we met Pangea students and teachers from other countries (Hungary, Spain, Finland and Great Britain). The aim of our exchange was to present a project based on the gothic horror story  “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”.

We are extremely thankful to our teachers for any help they offered us. There we made friends with a lot of wonderful young people. We didn’t want to go back home at all but to stay there a bit longer.

Anna Pilip
Oliwia Zając


Dualism of human nature

Like in the novel “Dr Jekyll and mr Hyde” people has got two difference personality. On the one hand we are nice, friendly and polite but opposite them there are a lot of negative aspects being contrast. The word is dual and the human nature also. We can’t know what the love is if we haven’t met hate, what the beautiful is if we haven’t met ugliness.

The photos taken by ours student Adrian Bednarczyk shows this universal true about human life.