Lesson plans

Lesson plan on

Beauty and Truth by Aziz Nesin

Target group: secondary school students



Prezi presentation on Aziz Nesin prepared by the Turkish team available on pangeateam.wordpress.com (2 mins)

Task 1

Divide the class into groups involving stronger and weaker students.

Get the groups to complete the quiz on educaplay.com prepared by the Spanish group about the author. (5 mins)




Task 2

Put the questions below on the board so that Students can answer them after watching the video. (2 mins)

How does the story begin?

Who tells the story?

List the characters.

What is the plot or story-line? Write a sentence that outlines the plot.

Why is Murat confused at the end of the story?

Does the film clearly present the story?

Task 3

Watch the film made by the Polish Pangea team on pangeateam.wordpress.com (12 mins)

Task 4

Students answer the questions above. (7 mins)

Task 5

Complete the quiz and fill in the gaps exercise  on educaplay.com prepared by the Spanish group about the story. (10 mins)








Task 6

Wise mapping – a word reference game. Students pick cards with words on them from a box and one of the three parts of the story from another box. Ask them to find relating words in their part of the text (eg. night, day, love, poetry, part one, part two, part three). (5 mins)



Set the homework: Ask students to collect different interpretations on ‘day and night’ in their family or in different cultures available on the internet. (2 mins)


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