Pangea is an Erasmus+ project carried out by 6 countries: Finland, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom.  The objectives of our project include promoting reading literature, the learning of foreign languages, the study of other cultures and intercultural communication. During the activities the participating students will be able to hone their ICT skills as well, since they will have to learn and use Prezi, write a blog and use ICT in creating their exercises. It is our most important objective to make the participating countries’ cultures more accessible for our students through literature and team work.


The partner institutions are available on the following websites:

Finland (Pori) : WinNova Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy


Hungary (Eger) : Andrássy György Katolikus Közgazdasági Középiskola


Poland (Przemysl) : Gimnazjum Nr 5 w Przemyslu


Spain (Orihuela) : Institutio de Education Secundaria Gabriel Miró


Turkey (Manavgat): MATSO Denizcilik Anadolu Meslek Lisesi


United Kingdom (Bournemouth) : Avonbourne Academy


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  1. I´m Belén López and I study in IES Gabriel Miró, Orihuela, Spain. The trip to Finland was a unique and unforgettable experience for me, I want to thank for everything to my great friend Oona, and also thank for everything to the people I’ve met there, I hope to see you all again!!

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  2. Hi! I’m Nereida, I’m from Spain. I study at I.E.S. Gabriel Miró (Orihuela)
    I had a great time doing the activities related with the Project.


  3. hello! my name´s David. I was one of the students of the spanish teamo in Pori(Finland), the second meeting of pangea projec. It was a nice experience, meeting new people of another countries, and meeting the finnish people a and culture, it was a very exciting experience


  4. Erasmus + Project “Pangea” officially finished! 😃
    3 amazing years, 5 fantastic countries, dozens of new friends, thousands of experiences … and several presentations 😉 It was a fantastic adventure!
    Thank you for this wonderful time, for hospitality and open-mindedness. I hope we will meet again someday. The world seems to be quite small 😄


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