Spanish students travel´s diary in Pangea meeting in Hungary

Spanish students travel’s diary of Pangea meeting in Hungary

Hungary´s travel was very interesting and funny. We come to Hungary on April 1. We come in the night, for what this day we couldn´t do very much. The following day we did a tour with a tour guided who explained us the most important things of Hungary. At night we went out to have dinner and we saw the Synagogue of Budapest.

On the 3rd day we continued knowing the city with our teachers and in the afternoon we went to Eger where we meet our respective families. That day we went with our families, in my case I went with Bianka. I met her family and they were very kind with me.

The first day in Eger we had a greeting at school. After that we did some activities about all the countries of the Project, like tasting food, a test, doing a puzzle…Later we had a lunch at school. In the afternoon we had a sightseeing in Eger. We visited the Basilica and later we went to Town Hall to have a meeting with the vice mayor. After that we visited Eger´s castle and after we went to a bathing at Eger thermal spa.

The next day we had to do our presentation and we were very nervous. Later, we did an activity about reading and then we had lunch. After the lunch we went to a very funny activity, laser fight in Eger´s caverns. This day was the farewell dinner. In the dinner there was a lovely performance.

The last day we had a trip to Budapest and we saw the city. We had lunch in a beautiful restaurant and we visited the Parliament.

The following day we had to say goodbye and it was very sad because we had a very good week.

Pangea Project has been a good opportunity for me because I was able to practice my English and I have met many nice people and I hope we will keep in contact.


One moth ago I did a trip to Hungary , as part of the Pangea Project. And I had the pleasure of doing this trip with my best friend and my classmate Nuria.

We arrived on Saturday to Hungary and we spent two days visiting the city with our teachers.

On Monday we arrived to Eger and I met with my host sister Kitty, I really wanted to see her again, because she had been at my home when the Pangea meeting was celebrated in Spain.  Kitti and I were at her home and I met her family that they were so sweet with me.

On Tuesday, we went to the high school and we did activities with all students.  We ate on the high school and afterwards we visited Eger. To end that day we went  to the  thermal spa. It was amazing!

On Wednesday, students  had to show the presentations about a legend from Hungary and other from Spain. When we finished the presentations each group went to visiting the classes. We had lunch at the high school again. After lunch we did a funny activity, a laser fight in the caverns of Eger.  In the end we celebrated the farewell dinner in a good restaurant.

On Thursday, we spent all day in Budapest.  We visited the city that it´s amazing! Finally we returned to home and I packed my suitcase because it was the last day.

I think that I was lucky to do this trip because I met new people, I did good friends and I improved my English.



Travel diary from Spanish students