Avonbourne School Pangea Project

We had a fabulous time in Finland during April 2015 on the second Pangea trip! Two students were accompanied by Danielle Fisher and Rebecca Young, both English teachers from Avonbourne College in Bournemouth.

We enjoyed meeting students and teachers from the other countries and our students had the opportunity to teach English which they enjoyed.

We are currently in the process of deciding how we will incorporate the project into the wider school. We are thinking about working with younger students to teach them the story.

We have published an article in the local College newspaper and mention the Pangea Project on our website.

Dissemination to Avonbourne College Newsletter!

Pangea Project

The English Department has recently begun a new Erasmus+ partnership called Pangea, which aims to connect it with other schools in Europe. Gifted & Talented students in Year 9 are well under way with planning for their first trip to Pori, Finland in April 2015. The aim of the project is quite simply, to engage with and enjoy Literature. Students are required to read short stories from each of the countries involved in the project and to then explore & analyse each story alongside their international peers.

Activities include, adding to a central Pangea blog that has been created where students can engage with the story and share ideas, as well as creating tasks that each group can complete to further connect with the story.

The aim is for as many of 9Y1 and 9X1 to take part in this project as possible. The English Department are extremely excited about this venture and looking forward to developing their international relations!

Watch this space for Pangea Project updates.