Lesson plan on The Moomins and the Great Flood by Tove Jansson

Age group: secondary school students


Who am I?

Give a card to some students with the name of a character (Moominpappa, Moominmamma etc.)

Ask them to describe the character whose name they have picked without naming it. (5 mins)

Task 1

Comprehension check prepared by the Turkish team (6 mins)


Task 2


Set the task for students: Imagine you are Moomintroll and you are writing a letter to Tulippa describing your new home in 50-100 words. (15 mins)

Task 3

Make groups of 4. Ask students to read each other’s letter. They have to read out the best one.

(10 mins)

Task 4

Every student collects a post-it note and will write 3 new words on it which they learnt from the text. Next they stand up and walk around the classroom and collect more new words in 3 minutes.  (3 mins)

Setting the homework

Picture puzzle

Prepare a picture puzzle about a character of the story. The best puzzles will be exhibited in the classroom. (A/4 size, 15 pieces) (3 mins)


Students line up before leaving the classroom. The teacher checks if they understand the words they wrote on their post-it note by asking the meaning of one from each student (3 minutes).